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Who We Are?

Mediterranean Oilfield Services Company MOSCO was established in 2010 under the name of Magic Marine oil services as 100% Egyptian Free Zone Company working in diversified offshore services field.
MOSCO provides our clients with innovative products and services with an emphasis on quality, cost, and time. Our focus is on new technology solutions, customer satisfaction, and to uphold the highest professional standards in the oil and gas industry.
The geographical focus is primarily in Egypt, Mediterranean and Africa. MOSCO has offices in Suez and Cairo very close to almost all Oil & Gas companies in Egypt.
MOSCO facilities include a 1000 square meters land in the free zone of Suez City which is tax and custom free which gives us advantage of about 25% less than our competitors.
The quality of our people is undoubtedly the mile stone of our achievements and the springboard for our future ambitions. We have a commitment to attracting, training and retaining the best and providing them with the best support, tools and education to ensure success.