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Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

To further the Company’s fundamental principles of honesty, loyalty, fairness and forthrightness, MOSCO has established a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Our Code strives to deter wrongdoing and to promote the following six objectives... Read More

Health, Safety & Environment

MOSCO prides itself on having a proactive, rigorous and responsible health, safety and environmental (HSE) program. We are firmly committed to ensuring safe, productive and incident free working environment for our employees worldwide. We believe in investing in our personnel through extensive training and education programs, following protective safety equipment requirements, and well established HSE practices.... Read More

Management and Organization

The organization is led by an executive staff structured as stated in figure below. MOSCO Executive Staff has the accountability to develop the strategic direction for the organization and to lead MOSCO’s employees in the strategic direction.... Read More

Mission & Vision

VISION To be the preferred and most trusted resources for the products and services that enhances oil & gas companies’ productivity... Read More

Partners Statement

The Oil & Gas industry is a heart of the global economy reflecting the health and growth for any economy. It can be conceder also as important tools for the political to direct the trend of the world economy... Read More


Our strategy is to achieve long-term sustainable growth as Egyptian Oilfield Services Company by adding value to our customers' operations with world leading, highly differentiated products and services. We strive to be true partners with our global customers, helping them achieve greater success through our innovation and creative solutions to any challenge... Read More