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Health, Safety & Environment

MOSCO prides itself on having a proactive, rigorous and responsible health, safety and environmental (HSE) program. We are firmly committed to ensuring safe, productive and incident free working environment for our employees worldwide. We believe in investing in our personnel through extensive training and education programs, following protective safety equipment requirements, and well established HSE practices.
Safety and environmental audits are regularly performed companywide to track performance and ensure continuous improvement. MOSCO
aggressively pursues operational and environmental enhancements, while cultivating a corporate wide HSE mindset that encourages constant attention to safety and focuses on education, prevention, and continuous improvement


MOSCO operates an approved Quality Management System that has gained the following Certifications: ISO 9001:2008
In order to provide our customers with quality levels that meet or exceed their expectations, we constantly monitor our quality performance and implement improvements when advisable.
This policy is well understood by all personnel and involves active participation, endeavor and ideas of all employees with the aim of continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.