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The Oil & Gas industry is a heart of the global economy reflecting the health and growth for any economy. It can be conceder also as important tools for the political to direct the trend of the world economy.
The Oil prices consider as indicator of the economic growth and sustainability, so during the last 5 years the world face a lot of crisis which somehow related to each other start from the Credit crises passing the Euro crises ending up with Arab spring now a days. All these event surly affect the Oil industry in terms of Oil prices, exploration and production process, energy demand and the Oil industry over all. The financial crisis was closely tied to inadequate growth in world oil supplies, leading to higher prices of crude oil, which in turn affected credit markets, creating recessionary impacts. Adaptation is essential not just to survive, but to capture market share, drive sustainable growth and demonstrate unique value in the eyes of shareholders.
We help oil & gas companies tackle these complex challenges in the face of unprecedented volatility – bringing all MOSCO’s resources to bear. To help our clients meet these challenges, we provide world-class strategic, financial, operational, human capital and IT services. If you’re looking for practical solutions that yield lasting results, we can help.
MOSCO Research Department provides petroleum industry managers, analysts and investors credible information about:

  • Regional Market Research.
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Financial Advices.
  • Consultancy.